Saturday, June 27, 2009

my last day @ Symphony

yesterday was my last day working @ symphony...they did a farewell party for me & kelven..
Thank you so much to all my dearest x cble team...

It's use to be speechless especially when there's so much to say and so much left unsaid...
its unexpected that i'm leaving too soon but deeply in my heart i am so grateful.
i'm gonna miss all of you...especially my dearest ita, lisa my lovely TL and hani my crazy frens..
hey, starting nxt monday, i am no longer to chill out with both of you ita & hani. no longer to posing & snap pictures when the system longer to gossip...and we no longer to make up or even make over....another thing we no longer go down for prayers but actually we took at least 15mins to longer to sing and even to dance together like crazy frog..i'm gonna MISS all of the things that we have shared together before.
Guys, if i did anything wrong with or without intention , please forgive me.

its almost 2years and 4 months i've been working @ symphony and now it is the time for me to step out for a better oppurtunity which i'm waiting for almost 4 years..
To all my colleagues, thanxs for being such a darling company..take care & all the best.

lunch makan nasi beriyani, sotong masak merah, kurma, ayam goreng & acar.

erm sedappp

surprised farewell cake

me & kelven

beriye meniup lilin nye

my lovely team

crazy actions

potong kek...macam sambut weds anniversary lak..oppss!

kenapa lak ngan Lisa ni???

Jit Khuan, Wei Jian, Deanna


peace guys

with our gifts

wahh..besarnye..guess what?

taadaaa...thanxs for the bag

orang kuat yg menjayakan majlis ini..tq dear

gift from my dear Lisa

lepas ni dah tak leh nak posing dgn uols lg dah

hani, ko tak bagi aku upload pic ni...sory, i nak upload gak...huhu
(kenapa ek ko mcm tu!?)


I'm gonna miss u guys....

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