Tuesday, November 2, 2010

mY aDaM iN tHe bASkeT

ADAM says .....

"hi...my name is tengku muhammad adam harith"

" I don't know why p4p4 put me in here..in the basket..haisshh"

"please get me out from here...please..."

"ok fine, everybody seems just ignore me especially u ~ kakak,
u're happy i'm here rite?"

"but nway, do I look very cute since m4m4 keep taking my pictures"

" ok, better I smile ~ in the hope that later m4m4 will take me out from here"

"YES, me out from the basket, ~ with my cutest sis which always bully me"


  1. chomell adam.. takde lak die nangis ehh..

    muka ikut mama sungguh!! =D

  2. erm nasib baik dia tak nangis...tp kelakar tgk muka dia mcm blur..."apehal la dorng letak aku dlm ni, xde keje~ mak ngn anak sama naik!" mesti adam ckp mcm tu..mak ngn anak tu refer to me and kakak dia la, maYra

  3. comel lah adam ni :) muka dia mcm kehairanan sgt..tp still comel :)


Posted by : ija_adaMayra