Saturday, March 5, 2011

No Diapers Anymore!!!

At 2 years 8 months old, maYra now, are not wearing diapers anymore. Great!!! Its so great. Good gurl la u kakak, mummy syg kakak! (save duit aku x pyh beli diapers.... :p )

B4 this I teach her w/o diapers when at home, but only on weekends la since i'm working on weekdays...and every 1 hour I'll make sure to remind her for shishi or poopoo.... then ajar dia how to wash the part of **** with soap. Thnk God that she is a fastlearner..

Last time pergi Sabah tu pun she was w/o first I nak pakaikan dia tp dia sendiri yang taknak pakai, maybe dia dah rasa selesa n dah biasa...

and the best part is, at nite pun dia tak pakai diapers...sebelum tidur I akan suruh dia shishi dulu. The next morning, tgk tilam tak basah pun...bila

dia bangun terus I suruh dia gi shishi... Pannnnndaila anak mummy ni. *hugs ckit*

Sekarang, after about 1 month she can go shishi by herself w/o i remind her. Dia juz buka seluar and terus gi toilet. At the same time, I monitor dia and makesure dia cuci ***** . Bila dia nak poopoo je, dia akan inform I :

" Mama...cepat...cepat...kakak nk u'uk "

As a mom, I sgt bangga dgn perkembangan dia.

So kakak, nxt year u boleh la pergi school ye since u always request it.

I'll pray for the best of u syg...


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