Thursday, July 7, 2011

070707 - 070711

Pagi td dpt sms from hubby wish hppy annvrsry. I'm so touch reading the words. Hmpir menitiskan airmata...(sy mmg cengeng! tsk) but i dont think i'm gonna reveal it here, biarlah ia m'jd rahsia kami...well bru ade privacy kan! (ok...poyo!)

4 tahun lps, pd tarikh inilah dia melafazkn akad. Alhamdulillah, w/p perjlnan perkahwinan kite ade psng & surutnya, atleast we managed to handle it.

Dear hubby,
May our marriage be blessed with luv, joy & happiness with our lil'kids. We've had gone through the moments ups & downs but we stood by each other no matters what happened. Well that is call life in marriages & from that we've had learned from the mistake. Hope we wil b together till the end of time. Thnxs 4 loving me & our kids.

Layan gmbr pre-celeb8 annv @ melaka last month.


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  1. happ anniversary beb.....aku baru jer lepas anniversary, tapi tak sempat nak sambut berdua lagik...huhuhu


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