Monday, January 23, 2012

~ 1st entry in 2012~

olaaaa.... ^___^

Hye! It's 2012 already & it has been a long time i didnt left any here...wat a bzness i have! No, actually not bcoz of my bzness but seriously i have no mood to update my blog. There is a lot of story to share here but dont know why this sympthom currently attack me... Hye, pls go away "penyakit M" :p

Well, it's bout a month my blog didnt update with any story. Eventhough nothing special but actually its like a diary which the moment for me to remember or refreshing my memories... I luv to refresh my memories by looking at the photos that has been taken! Sumtimes it makes me smile alone...hehehe. Kelakar kan!

B4 those moments disappear frm my head let me put it here & it is randomly xtvt that i have during last a month.

We have our great time @ ulu yam sumtime b4 new year eve.

we met this restaurent on new year nite when we celebrated @ look out point. The restaurent is located sumwhere in ampang it call 'satey station'

Mee rebus is recommended - sedap!

Satey is the main dish here...not bad kuah pun sedap but quite expensive rm1/pc

Nasi putih with sup daging special katanye.. Serius x sedap lngsung.x abis mkn!

Shopping & chill-ing @ ikea

Can't remember when we went to pulau ketam sumtime in jan.

Ferry ticket which the journey took about 30mins from port klang jetty - crab island.

Nothing much u can do here. It is a small chinese village.

Papa & adam have a tour around the kampung...

This was last weeknd when we went bck to ipoh. On our way juz drop by at air kuning for dayah's solemnization day.

A cozy Morning @ my kg's house

Kakak with her peace sign ^___^

Otw to the wedding

Beautiful bride & groom

My amok omey

That's all my randomly xtvt for past a month. And again we have a long's chinese new year. Kami x blk kg pun coz bru je blk last weknd kan. Lgpun nk save bajet ckit early nxt month nk ke jb pulak, insyaAllah.

To those who celebrate cny, gong xi fa chai, may this year of dragon blessed with happiness, health & prosperity ;) ~ tetibe rsa nk mkn prosperity burger mcd!

Nasi minyak with dalca, ayam masak merah, daging masak itam & acar buah for our yesterday menu. Hari ni nak masak ape pulak ehy?

Ok, Till then, bye!

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