Monday, December 31, 2012

Say Hello 2013 (:

Dear blog,

In just very few hours, 2012 is about to end.
Time flies & 2013 just around the corner to say hello.
There are a lots of things happened throughout the year.
Up & and sorrow are life parcel.
Ya...that is so-called 'life' to 'live' on...
B'coz in any way we have to faced it.. 

Things happen for reason..
I believe in faith..I believe in God.
'He' knows the best for his servant.

2012 left me with few good things to remember.
Atleast 2 out of 3 my wishlist already achieved *senyum* *Thank you Allah*
Another one need to carry-forward for 2013's wishlist *Kene kerja keras lg utk achieve in 2013* *lap-peloh*

Thank God for giving me a chance to still keep breathing.
Thank for the blessed of husband, child, family, friends & people surrounding me.

Hope 2013 brings lotsa luv, luck, success, joy & happiness.
I'm looking forward to have a wonderful day ahead with u.
More challenging times ahead.

After all, life is not meant to be lived looking back!
Allow ur amazing life to unfold!

Goodbye 2012...thnk u for the happy times

 Hello 2013...looking forward to enjoy a much beautiful and brighter tomorrow :)


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