Monday, July 13, 2009

1st Day Report Duty untuk kesekian kalinya....

bersiap2 untuk report duty I woke up quite early around 530am. my 1st day for 2nd report duty at JKR. I reached there at 720am, then me, kak Azna & kak Nur had our breakfast at cafe b4 we have briefing for our placement.

As an expected, aku ditempatkan di HQ, Cawangan Senggara Fasiliti Jalan..Ofis aku @ Blok D Aras 4. Me and Azeera was placed @ the same unit. Both of us has met our boss..Ir Izam. Then he did asked us wether want to leave early if got anything to settle. Both of us pun apa lagi, take advantage la...orang dah bg greenlight kan!! So, we left office aroud 2pm.

So, tommorow will b my real working day...OK!

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  1. 'En Hizam..
    ada byk urusan kna buat..
    bank..cop agkat sumpah..bla..bla...
    end up kita 2 ada kat umah'



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