Friday, December 3, 2010

ADAm 's Development : 4 months

I loves to observe my little boy 's development as what I did to maYra last time. Me, will make sure taking his pictures and don't wan to miss every single moment of him (I wish). From my observations, he now most interested in people and recognizes familiar faces. At this age he tried so hard by rolling from his tummy to his back. Sangat comel..and when he failed to do it, he will squealing with loud noise...hmmmm*sigh* by the way, he is now is growing through a stage of teething...

lets do it...

see, he tried so hard, to put full of efforts...

kakak tried to give her full support to adik..."agi...agi...." *agi = lagi

"yEAy...YES! I can do it" as adam says in his heart... ;D

Well, I noticed that this is the time that he starting to explore objects with his mouth. Whatever things will definitely get into his mouth, even his fingers as well. He cant sleep without the pacifier which is totally different with maYra that use her thumb as a pacifier till now. Owh i'm tired of that!!! Is there any tips how to prevent her by continuing sucks her thumb???

As i mentioned b4, he recognizes familiar faces...He squirms with excitement, squeals and laughs, watches peoples with his cute-blur-innocent-faces. Yes, i really enjoyed to see the +ve developments and i'm sure all mothers have same feelings like me... Thank God in giving me an opportunity to be a mother. I love my families and of course my kids...SO MUCH!

proud-to-be-a-mother *juz thinking how come got some peoples yg sanggup buang darah-daging sendiri...Nauzubillah...


  1. nanti tumbuhla rambut kt tempat xde rambut tu..hehehe

  2. yela laila...lambat betul nak tumbuhnye!


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