Thursday, January 27, 2011

He's now my big boy - Adam Harith 6 months old

Yesterday was 26 Jan 2011 and it means my Adam harith has turn to 6 months old. Yes, u're now is my big boy! There were so many developmental milestones that he had experienced. Now when I call his name, he makes his own sound in response me then. The obvious one I notice was that he is starting to experiment with his babbling, he tried to imitate sounds. Always create his own words, the most was "wawawaaaaaaa" and sound it loudly which at 1st I thought that he is crying plus screaming & definitely he's not! Hehehe so cutelah Adam Harith!

see, he was very happy 1st try ride the kiddy machine

again he is with kakak maYra


havin dinner at kfc

me & my big boy!


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